Artistic approach (2003) Alphabet, handwriting and calligraphy arabic’s Ranou.

By way of the spontaneity of in line and maturity of the expression , this way , the Ranou route is written in different Ways .

A calligraphic direction is infiltrated in artistic expression Of Ranou with a lightning shooting star .

Ranou welcomes us, once more in his fascinating artistic Eden that mixes the severity of the lines and the spirituality Gracefully .

His initiation to the calligraphy is the fruit ,”of accidental touch on the theme of the Human Variety”, he has answered. Since his dazzling look, has been painted at the new style which allows him enrich his artistic tool to make his commitment purely humanist.

With the touches full of vigourous lines, Ranou perpetuates the calligraphy tradition while he moves apart it. He purifies the lines of his vertical letters by aligning them to the standart (normalization) that isn’t finally established .

His style is caracterized by the masterly convergence of the whole letters to a same point. A link is forced between the letters of his calligraphy in order to setup attractive word equiped with a meaningful message.

Ranou, we thank you for the sweet invitation at this nice mixture of what you create and what you are.

Journalist author.

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