Artistic approach

Following my experience and being influenced by the lifestyle of the animals, my first inclination was toward the animal for “ ARYOUL ” the donkey, in which I discovered later that he was the most naive and not the least intelligent; then the dog full of loyalty; cat " HISSOUS " clean the horse himself, his strength is the foresight and common sense; aquatic animals, endurance and respect; birds, discipline and rigor...

By finding these qualifiers in animals, my curiosity prompted me to continually inspire on animal's world to settle and retain my inspiration and my artistic enough to be nourished to leave business, automotive, among others, to achieve spontaneously and freely presentations taking decompositions which are a form of pictorial presentation of animals, very simple but above all unique, which made me rewarded, something that I could not even consider in a dream, since I have been fortunate and privileged to discover to date, not only more than 420 357 differents summits of the trilogy (see History of summits A3), but also their peace formula P = SA3 (see History of animal formula of Peace) which is an orientation…

I received congratulations from UNESCO in 2006 (see answer) following the presentation of two themes of the first part of my work: (see my request).
I – Painting and History of animal trilogy (summits A3).
II – Development of my new arabic writing with my alphabet.

Today I realized just 0.25% of the huge task of painting and art in my disposal, but I hope to restart in my dear adopted country that is Canada.

The question I ask myself : Is it that one day I will have time to complete this project???

My gratitude is, and forever, especially towards the boundless three (03) persons who have formed and drawn my artistic career.

Mss. Sylvie Godefroid (SABAM): : she certainly encouraged me to explore and paint the canvas, I felt like receiving an order (the only time in my life) on her part to share my feelings of Man with the Public.
M. Lucien Amiel ((Owner of the large and prestigious Venice Gallery Frame / Casablanca): through his sincerity at the first glance at my paintings, he found the original, his simple language but very rich (...) and after meeting I took a fair insurance against critics.
M. Koichiro Matsuura : Director-General of UNESCO (1999/2009) : A man of extreme high culture, strong and wise at once, who was interested in my personal request to study my press kit in 2006. - Ranou