Ranou is a Canadian artist of Algerian artist who lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

Ranou artist, philosopher, inventor, a dreamer with a thousand colors. He can not claim any artistic training, diploma or any such distinction. But he has ambitions to match his color. The original symbols are installed therefore also on the walls of his house, on the canvas. The symbols are the declination of his artistic unconscious.

Ranou ‘s work is inspired by the animal world is changing and his painting, he discovered the animal trilogy (the summits of A3: an aquatic, terrestrial and a volatile one), where his painting becomes fundamental geometric and / or analytical. (See History of the summits of the trilogy)

Ranou even imagine (...) to invent a new technique of writing Arabic, his style (his technique) is characterized by the convergence of his masterly letters vertical, toward the same point. These letters must be proportionate compliant for any use. A link is needed between the letters of the alphabet in order to constitute an aesthetically dazzling word with a meaning bearer, this new technique which would allow him to enrich the communication tool better reflected his commitment to a purely humanistic. This work earned him the congratulations of 2006 in UNESCO bodies: "It is with great interest that I read your excellent research and congratulate you on this new technique inspired by the calligraphy and Arabic alphabet, to the dissemination of Arab culture, dialogue and exchanges between peoples."Tereza Wagner, Senior Program Specialist, Division of Arts, crafts and designs UNESCO.

Ranou, unveiling his formula for peace in 2008, invited the audience to solve infinite: P = SA³ with unit of measure for Peace: Love. (See History of animal formula of Peace)